McKenzie Island Map.png

McKenzie Island

With over 25 kilometres of trail constructed in a series of loops, it's easy to tailor your skiing to your personal fitness level and time schedule. The trails cross a variety of habitats, from mixed wood forest to black spruce and jack pine stands to wetland areas. Be on the lookout for wildlife; you never know what creature you will happen upon. Look for signs of wolf, moose and a wide variety of birds. The trails are well-marked and each loop is colour-coded, but be certain to review the map prior to your ski to become familiar with the trail system. The McKenzie Island Trails support skiing in both directions, so remember that the person on the uphill yields the person coming downhill.

To get to the McKenzie island trailhead, first make your way to the island by travelling the ice road from either Red Lake (road begins at the Government Docks) or from Cochenour. Once on the island, signs will help lead the way to the trailhead and parking area. Please remember that you are not just sharing the trails with nature, but also with the mining and exploration companies that own the land. Ski safely and be respectful of private property.


Excerpt from Northern Ontario Travel: Explore Red Lake's Cross Country Ski Trails

Click on the PDF to access a printable version of the McKenzie Island Trails map.